Malkolm is cycling on! He is now cycling from Alaska to Washington DC, and then continuing on to the UN Climate Change conference in Cancun in December.
It all started with Bird Year, Malkolm and his parents' year-long, fossil-fuel-free journey in search of birds. Cycling a total of 13,133 miles (21,144 km), they identified 548 different bird species and raised more than $25,000 for bird conservation. Bird Year turned them into confirmed cyclists and taught them that climate change was more serious than they had thought.
In 2009, Malkolm biked from Whitehorse to Ottawa as a part of Pedal for the Planet: the project called for the Canadian Government to become a leader in the struggle to come to grips with climate change. The Harper Government did not even meet with the young cyclists.
Malkolm is now 18 and just finished high school. On August 24, he dipped his foot in the Pacific Ocean in Skagway, Alaska. Then headed up and over the White Pass to the Alaska Highway on his journey to Washington and on to Cancun.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hot hot days - Wendy

Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! *
I wake up, wondering if that could be a bird noise. It’s dark.Malkolm calls from his tent, “Is that a nighthawk?” I listen to the nighthawk’s melodious, metallic call, and enjoy the breeze coming through the tent netting.
Next thing I know, Ken is poking me and the sun is peeping over the hill. Our tent is separated from Williams Lake by a strip of trees, and it is a birdy place. I listen to the songs and wonder who’s singing. A squirrel chatters. Oops! The squirrel just flew. I guess it’s was a kingfisher.
We rise early, and drink cold coffee & cocoa that we made last night. Breakfast is a Granny Smith Apple Pie, split 3 ways. We are on the road by 7:00. In the cool of the morning, I feel positive at the bottom of an uphill. Not so, a few hours later. The sun beats on us fiercely and the blacktop radiates up extra heat from below. Hot sweat stings my eyes. Red-faced, we stagger into a rest area. There’s a lake! We walk straight in.
Aaaaahhhhhhhh! What a change.
Is it worth overheating , just for the joy of cooling back down?
We have had a few hot days. Well, we thing they are hot, but we’re northerners. I wonder how we will manage in Florida next June?
*Malkolm and Ken want me to report that they object to my version of nighthawks voice.


Michelle said...

Hi Wendy, Ken and Malkolm,
Thre was a discussion about Malkolm on CBC SLC this week - I think you should contact them and do a weekly/bi-weekly update.

I wish it were warm here.


Polly said...

Sam, Bea and I also went swimming recently but Long Lake wasn't as warm as I imagine your lake was. It was actually hot here over the weekend but today it rained and neither Bea nor Alice ventured out until it stopped.
I hope we will see you three on the highway. We leave on Wednesday for the Okanagan, sadly burning fossil fuels on route.
love Polly

Suzanne Crawford said...

The picture of you dip in the lake looks refreshing.
Coindidentally Mary and I took a plunge into Sasamat Lake on July 16th as well. She for the joy of swimming and me also for the joy of swimming but also training for a triathlon. Not as ambitious as a year long trek but pretty challenging for me.
I live an adventurous life through your blog. Thanks for keepin us posted.
Be well, safe and have a good night's sleep.